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LinkedIn is responsible for generating 80% of B2B leads.

LinkedIn is the biggest lead generator among all social media platforms when it comes to B2B. Among all social media platforms, LinkedIn stands apart because it isn’t a platform where people share what they had for breakfast. LinkedIn is a large network of professionals who seek to take their skill and expertise to the next level. So, if you want to reach a professional audience, LinkedIn is your best bet.
LinkedIn can transform the way you market because it is a platform where people mention the organizations they have worked for, what professional events they are interested in, what they want to learn, what latest opportunities they are looking for in their field and much more.

LinkedIn is the best place to target the audience based on their professional interests.

Does your company need LinkedIn marketing?

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is a reliable source for lead generation and creating brand awareness. But every brand is different, has different customers and offers different services. Before you can decide whether your brand needs LinkedIn marketing, here are some numbers and statistics worth considering.

  • Almost 94% of B2B marketers rely on LinkedIn to distribute their content.
  • 63% of the marketers find LinkedIn most effective for B2B among all social media platforms.
  • LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B leads.
  • LinkedIn has 500 million users, of which 61 million are senior level influencers.

LinkedIn is described as the most powerful lead generator for B2Bs. Big brands like Adobe, HubSpot and leading software companies have used LinkedIn for generating leads and yielded great results. LinkedIn is the place where highly qualified and affluent users come to look for opportunities to grow. With amazing user-targeting based on their interests, skills, qualification, job title, industry-type, and much more, LinkedIn offers you an unmatched opportunity to target an audience of a particular niche.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

Whether you want to establish your brand or generate leads, it’s a well-established fact that LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool. While most businesses already know the power of LinkedIn, they do not how to make a marketing strategy for LinkedIn that actually works.
Social Cubicle is a leader in making and implementing marketing strategies that produce visible results. We’ll do all the LinkedIn marketing for your brand so that you can keep your focus only on providing quality services to your clients.

Creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy that works

LinkedIn can be used for both creating target ads meant for an audience of particular interests and also for generating brand awareness. Generating leads through ads needs good quality ad posting and careful consideration of who you want to target in the audience. Generating brand awareness requires a long-term strategy that comprises creating an impressive company profile, posting regular updates, and generating followers.

LinkedIn Ads

Ads on LinkedIn can be targeted with several perspectives in mind, which could be lead generation, brand awareness, or audience enlightenment. To produce the desired effect, you can choose whether to display video ads, textual ads, info-graphic ads, or image ads. A good marketing agency will listen to what impact you want to create from your ads and help you decide which type of ad serves your purpose.

Long-term marketing strategy

An influential company profile page

Your company’s profile page should look welcoming to your customers and represent your business. Do not shy away from showing inside-stories at your company and even post job openings to create transparency and show your customers who you really are.

Post updates and blogs

Publishing your blog posts on LinkedIn offers wider engagement, and educates your audience about what you do.

Optimize your page and posts

Once you have successfully created your page and are publishing regularly, it’s very important to optimize both for search results. Ensure that you include keywords that people search for so that your company shows up in the results. This is when a marketing agency can do all the technical work for you like, searching for the keywords and optimizing your page and blog posts for those keywords.

Get more followers

Followers can be amazing when it comes to generating maximum brand awareness. When more people share your published content, their LinkedIn connections also become aware of your brand. Again, getting genuine followers is not that easy and hiring an expert in the field of marketing will make your job easy.

Why choose us

SocialCubical is a social media marketing company. We are a team comprising of marketing strategists, content strategists, web designers, and content writers who know how to implement a remarkable LinkedIn Marketing Strategy by expertly curating minutest of the details. We have been watching what makes businesses succeed via LinkedIn marketing. We know how to understand and manipulate the most effective marketing strategies to suit different businesses. A targeted LinkedIn campaign is the key to the treasure chest of tremendous business businesses opportunities. It is where you not only get noticed by potential clients but also other businesses who can become your future partners. LinkedIn’s highly educated audience is intimidating at first for many business owners. We, at SocialCubicle, know that there’s nothing to be afraid of once you figure what the framework is. Social media marketing is the modern way of advertising. It is difficult and irrefutable for businesses that want to make an impact. We aim to help out businesses with our working knowledge of social media marketing so that the businesses can focus on providing quality services. We have run several social media campaigns that yielded impressive results. From tailoring customized ads as per your business needs to maximizing your audience outreach through ads, we at Social Cubicle, have the right ingredients and the right people who know how to create the perfect LinkedIn marketing strategy that leads to optimum conversions.

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