20 Facebook Strategies That Matter to Marketer in 2021

Facebook Strategies

Developing a business page on Facebook can turn out to be quite a helpful tool for every marketer. Since it was launched back in the year 2004, the active users of Facebook are still continuously growing. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms on social media all over the globe and the second most visited one also. This platform provides a great opportunity to promote your brand in front of the target audience and engage along with the huge target audience and turn them into your customer.

Why does Facebook have great importance for marketers?

In a marketer’s life, Facebook has excellent importance. It’s the most popular tool for a marketer to grow their brand. There are some specific features of Facebook that are useful for the marketer. it’s not a static platform. It’s a dynamic platform for marketers and customers. lots of customers are active regularly and get exposed to multiple branded products that’s why social media marketing has great importance for every marketer.

20 strategy of Facebook for Marketer in 2021

  1. Get information about the active users:

Every marketer has their own strategy for growing business. They all have the same universal strategy at the time of brand promotion. At the global level, the active users on Facebook have 2.80 billion and in India, there are 310 million. That’s why every marketer should have knowledge about active users.

  1. Profile image and cover image:

Your profile picture and cover image should be easy to understand and self-explaining for your target audience. Appropriate graphics should be used in images to capture the attention of viewers. If your profile image is recognized by your customers then they would wish to go on your profile.

  1. Segmentation and targeting audience:

Segmentation and targeting both are different terms. But both are equally dependent on each other. The first step is segmentation after that marketer selects their target audience. In segmentation, the marketer segregated their prospects on various bases. Geographically¬—like country wise, state wise, city wise, town wise.

Demographically—like age-wise, lifestyle-wise, gender-wise, income-wise. 

Once the marketer has identified a segment 13and its segment opportunity. It is essential to decide the audience and which ones to target. This feature is provided by Facebook.

  1. More Facebook users are on mobile: 

Most of the Facebook users operate their account on a mobile phone. as per the statistic 

Therefore, the marketer should create mobile responsive ads which should be for the target population.

  1. Call to action:

A call to action is helpful for customers to take the desired action. It also helps to generate reach and engagement on your website. Ensure to enable your call-to-action button. The call-to-action button has multiple options such as Sign Up, Send Message, or Learn more, which directs to a landing page of your website.

  1. Post frequency:

Posting frequently is an important strategy for every marketer. When and how to post is important to know for marketers. Do not post multiple times with the same content because customers may want something new every time. Regularly posting is a must to build a strong brand.

  1. Competitive analysis: 

Competitive analysis is a marketing strategy of Facebook. It stands for finding out what your competitor is doing for growing their business. How they target the audience and what is their market share. By proper assessment of competitors SWOT. A marketer can deploy counter-strategies.

  1. Drive traffic from your Facebook Page to your website:

It is a great strategy for every marketer to develop their Facebook page. Direct traffic from your Facebook page to your website to promote their brand. By providing a little description about the product on the Facebook page and giving a website link for more information.

  1. Create or join Facebook groups:

Every marketer should be creating or joining many groups on Facebook. for remaining updated regarding new trends and developments and it is helpful to share the brand product with multiple customers. 

  1. Track, measures, and improve:

Facebook is a huge planet on its own. If you are not tracking and measuring your marketing efforts on Facebook you are losing a great opportunity to raise the number of customers. try Often to communicate with your customers to find out if they are facing any product or service-related issues. If the answer is yes, their concern should be solved at the earliest. This way a business can grow its customer base.

  1. Respond to comment on your Facebook posts:

Commenting is a term through which we can build better relations with customers and the target population. Using a Facebook page means communicating with both your supporters and critics. Facebook provides some features to accept and reject the comments. If the comments are helpful for our post then say thanks to them for appreciating us. 

  1. Include Facebook messenger in your strategy:

Facebook messenger provides a chatbot to communicate with your target audience in multiple ways namely natural and conversational manner. This is the best way to build a good relationship between marketer and customer. If any customers have some queries then they can easily communicate to the marketer with the help of Facebook messenger.

  1. Post boosting strategy: 

Even though it is a paid feature of Facebook, companies should not avoid post boosting options by Facebook. Facebook gives freedom to speed up a business-post by ad manager. The level of speeding up depends upon how much the marketer is willing to spend on post-boosting. As per the requirements, any business can utilize this feature.

  1. Use attention capturing images or graphics: 

At the time of creating a post, the introductory text should not be more than 20% and text colours are more visible to catch the attention of viewers. And keep into consideration the text size, colours, and graphics of images should be used according to their business and profession.

  1. AR strategy will become more popular on Facebook:

AR strategy stands for augmented reality ads strategy which plays a vital role to help the marketer for engagement and interact with the customer in real-time. In the augmented reality Facebook provides multiple filters for marketers and customers. Both can experiment with their brand product and service along with augmented reality camera effects in just one click.

  1. Understand your customer journey:

It is essential for every marketer to know how their customer reached our brand and what was the reason to switch from a competitor. Before posting your Facebook ad it’s essential to know what types of customer you have and the past journey of your target audience there are three steps to find out our customer journey 

  1. Make the right types of ads:

You do not have a right to send the ads to someone on a promotional basis. Although they do not even know either your product can help them. Don’t play with the sentiments of the customer through types of advertisement.

  1. Swot analysis:

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, threat. Swot analysis is important for every business. Every business should have knowledge about the swot of their own business and the competitor business and the strategy of the competitor.

  1. Age group of the users on Facebook: 

The marketer should have knowledge about which age group of people is using Facebook most times of the entire day. According to Facebook analytics, almost 71% of the Indian population are using Facebook and most of the Indian users are 18 to 34 years old who use one to two hours of Facebook on a regular basis. 

  1. Hashtags using to improve reach and engagement:

There are multiple options to generate reach and engagement on Facebook and hashtags are one of them to improve their reach and engagement. Every marketer is doing this for advertising purposes.


The importance of Facebook to carry out brand awareness and promotion cannot be underestimated due to its strong global presence. Before using any Facebook practices to promote the brand it should be kept in consideration that a single strategy will not work as a silver bullet for effective marketing campaigns. Always try to put variety and blend of tactics.

Well, we’ve already discussed Facebook strategies for marketer in 2021.

So, what are you waiting for? Just take a step ahead and get your business recognized worldwide.

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