11 Little-known Facebook Marketing Techniques Are Worth Trying Today

facebook marketing techniques

As a beginner, it is quite easy and convenient to dive into the world of Facebook marketing by posting an error-free post. There is hardly any negative feedback, no typos mistakes, etc. but as one grows and gets experience with Facebook marketing, new techniques and facts become visible. There are hundreds of hidden features present in Facebook that need to be explored. This can serve as a wonderful tool to market your business. 

If you are looking to make the most of this social media platform to improve your brand value, then here we bring to your awesome tips and 11 facts that many marketers are unaware of about Facebook. It is a great way to make use of the 1.6 billion users that are active monthly on this social media giant. It is tough for marketing managers to stay on top of user searches. But with smart efforts and using the right tools one can surely reach out to targeted users. These techniques are worth trying today. 

1. Watch some pages: there are awesome capabilities for the feature of pages to watch on Facebook. It is able for marketers to follow a maximum of 100 different pages of brands which allows a quick comparison of the activity going on in those pages. To reach out to this feature you should simply click on “Insights”. Here there is a tab of Pages to Watch and you will find the top 5 posts that are most recent. In this list, you get the freedom to add the pages that you want to watch. After they have been added, you can hover the name of the page, click and let the magic happen. The platform provides a detailed view of the posts of the current weeks. This makes it easy to check the top posts of every page in a few seconds. 

2. Being a brand like a page: this feature is a way to show your affinity towards other brands that have a presence on Facebook. It is possible to like the pages of other brands just like your own business page. This is a way to support your favorite brand and other brands will support you too. To do this you should first search for the page that you want to support and go to the page’s timeline. There will be a small gear icon that needs to be clicked. Then the option of “Like as your page” will appear. Click on it. The page will appear in the dropdown menu. Now click on save. 

3. An article can be saved for later: there is a feature of Facebook which is “Save for Later”. Using this the posts can be bookmarked and saved to view later like the video or posts links, photos or pages, and upcoming events. If you are on the go while using Facebook and want to share some important article or post at a later time, or just want to add a tag to important news about any news about your industry or brand then you can save it for later and read or post in free time. 

To use this feature, you should visit your news feed and click on the arrow that appears on the right corner of any update that you are looking to save. If you are on a page, then click on the gear icon, and then you can save. If you are visiting an event, then clicking the ribbon icon will allow you to save. These saved items can be seen on facebook.com/saved or you can check the news feed present on the left-hand side. 

4. Insights of the audience: this is a hidden feature of Facebook marketing that is prevalent with paid advertising. The feature of audience insights on Facebook gives detailed information about the audience that you are targeting so that the marketing guy can create user-relevant content. By delivering highly relevant content it can use your marketing money in a better way. This tool helps in the creation of engaging and interesting statistical graphics about the Facebook audience globally on the demographic information of a specific page. It gives endless opportunities for businesses that are looking to utilize the power of this social media platform. 

5. Creation of custom-designed app icons: This is an exciting and unique feature of Facebook marketing which allows personalization of the app icons of your page to give it a unique touch that is not present in any other brand’s Facebook page. All you need to do is simply add the apps that you would be using on your brand page. It can be anything such as Twitter, YouTube, MailChimp, Instagram, or any other app. Then you will be allowed to create custom app icons for the page using a program like Canva, Sketch, Photoshop, or any other photo editor. The recommended file size for these icons is 111X74 px and the file size should not exceed 1.2 MB.

It is up to your creativity to use the brand colors and high-resolution icons to improve the look of your page. After creating the app icons and installing all the apps that you want to, you can visit the manage tabs option which is present on your page under “More”. There is an “Add or Remove Tabs”. You should click on it. The lists of apps that you have installed on your Facebook page will be listed here. Just hover on any app and then click on the option of “edit settings”. Click on the “change” option present besides the Custom Tab Image. Now you can simply upload the image of your choice and you are done. 

6. Search in your previous posts for insights and specific wording: in the insights tab, there is the feature of post-performance data. Most expert marketers are aware of this standard feature of Facebook. This powerful tool allows to measure the performance on previous posts and gives stats about link clicks, reactions, likes on shares, shares, hide posts, page unlikes, and a lot more. But many people might not be aware of the feature of Facebook marketing which is known as the Published Post Search. This great tool is present under the Publishing Tools of your brand page.  

This feature is handy to search posts regarding any specific topics and come to know about the images, wording, or a combination of these that worked well previously. It is a useful tool for brands that post content on this social media multiple times throughout the year. This can help to avoid duplication of content that did not perform well. When you post an older article, it is important to consider whether you have posted similar content before or not. If not then look at the posts that have been successful recently and how can that success be repeated with this content. If yes, then check how the content can be repurposed to ensure that the content reaches a new set of users on this platform. 

7. Pixel feature of Facebook: The social media marketers who are looking for measuring the Roi in the social media are utilizing the Facebook Pixel which is good. There is detailed instruction available from Facebook regarding setting up Facebook pixel for the first-time user. And it is very easy to set it up and no need for any special kind of development skills is required.

Facebook pixel is used for optimizing, tracking, and remarketing. The same pixel is used for creating the custom audience. You’re also able to view the website traffic with pixel and you will also be able to use pixel for the conversion of tracking and optimization.

With Facebook pixel below things are being done:

If you are spending the money on advertising online, then the returns from social media will be the biggest. But it is very important to track the results very closely.

8. Customizing your ad preference

There are a lot of details that will go into determining the advertisement on your Facebook timeline. The social media manager is required to understand this clearly. As per Facebook, ad preference is based on the information which has been shared with Facebook. This will include the pages which you like or your engagement on that page. Ads which you click, websites which you use, and the information which have been provided to the advertisers and data providers.

Viewing your personal ad preference is a fun and eye-opening experience for marketers and social media managers. According to Facebook, it is very interesting. I am interested in protein-to-protein interaction, ViperChill, and Bonobos.

When you are spending some time reviewing your ad preferences on Facebook then you are also able to use this information for determining what sort of ads Facebook is mostly serving to the potential customers.

9. Pin posts at the top of your Facebook page

Posts which are pinned on the brand page are very simple, but also it is very useful for Facebook marketing strategy for pointing the audience to the importance of the company announcements, posts, and events.

On the timeline, you would be able to find the post which you would like to pin. You can click on the down arrow in the corner for the post and then you can click the pin to the top. This is very easy.

One important thing which needs to be remembered about pinning the posts on the top of the page is to keep them fresh by often rotating the pinned posts and especially this is sensitive to time.

When you are mixing this all then it will allow you to showcase the larger variety of posts. It is recommended to change the pinned post once every week or so.

10. View pages and people who like your page

This is another useful marketing feature for social media managers called People and other pages tab in the settings of your page. This feature will allow you to view all the brands and the people who have liked your page.

Below steps required for accessing this feature:

There is a great article for Post planner where they are pointing out the use of this feature. This can be useful in tracking the followers for growth during the contests and the campaigns on the page. This will allow the social media marketers to find out the fake accounts. And in this way, you would be able to find out who the real ones are.

You are also able to use this list for identifying the other brand pages similar to your page. This will open up new content opportunities for the partnership in Facebook marketing campaigns or even as simple as thank you for helping in building the relationship.

11. Facebook Page Tips

Facebook is also pushing for the last few months and providing marketers the in-app tools and resources for getting the most out of their Facebook page. The fantastic result from this effort is the Page tips section which is present on the left side of the brand timeline.

The Page Tips section are providing marketers the best practices and quick tips on tactics like managing the Facebook page from anywhere in the world. You would also be able to verify your page and then you can create some engaging images and many more.

When you are studying the Facebook Page tips along with the vast library of resources in the Facebook business library then social managers will get some very good resources out from them. 

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