Social + Maniacs = Party Madmen

No, we are not the party animals; So, don’t go by the literal meaning of our squad name. Social Maniac is a harvest of a bunch of wicked minds that you won’t find anywhere else. We have already told a lot about us as a Squad... Now, it’s time to meet these peculiar souls individually.

The Leading Light

Simran SMM Head

Less of anger but more of happiness - The only person to handle the team with her expertise guidance and working with a perspective - "When a Team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, Excellence becomes a reality."

The Tech Tank

Yashaswi (SMM Team Lead)

With his love for black he is always adding more colors in the creativity with his skills. If you need a helping hand, you know you have to head to him. You will always find him adding positivity to the team and cracking some gut busting jokes.

The Gobbling Nosh

Rozy (SMM Team Lead)

If you want to know any food junction at your place here she is - "The Gobbling Nosh" !! "Food is her best friend and the more she eats the more she performs." Rather than eating she is always committed to build something big and puts aside personal gain for the well-being of the group." 

The Research Mojo

Rajan (SMM Team Lead)

Every Maniac group needs an active research master, but we have a lazy one. Who just sits on the couch and find the easiest way to complete any job. Don't try to be serious in front of him as his hilarious joke could burst you out at any serious situation.

Sparkling Giggler

Vedansh (SMM Executive)

There may be different shades of laughing but he has his own !! The carefree person who never gets out of stock on questions and give every indication of an open, affectionate heart.

Punctual Peeress


Getting work done within time is her specialty! The most punctual person in team with the shear power of handling each responsibility. It is no surprise that all of us compete for a spot in his list of favorites.

Mythical Techie

Amrita (SMM Executive)

Do you know why the team calls her Mythical techie because she believes in one motive - "Hard work in Silence is not a crime". While keeping others in myth she is doing best in silence!!

Techno Bee

Shruti (SMM Executive)

Belonging to the Queens of Hills, She is as calm as the weather there. With some special skills she is on the road of becoming the star in the team. At free times she could be found at her own silent place.

Keyboard cracker

Ankush (SMM Executive)

Have you seen SnowWhite and the seven Dwarfs then you must be remembering the character called "Sneezy". Our Keyboard Cracker just got that resemblance. Don't go by the name, he doesn't sneeze violently rather performs task vigorously.

The silent pecker


Being the most silent person in the team she resolves all the issues pecking with herself. You wil just find her on the PC pecking with the work.

Xpressive Designer


The legendary designer working with her weapons to create explosive designs. Not just mere a designer but a multi talented personality and reflecting our team in creativity !!

Food Bringer


Do you want to get 10 hours work completed in 1? Then brings some snacks along with for her. See the results now. You will always find her one hand on mouse and another on table with snacks.

The trail blazer


Being the new personality in the team She is the "Shining Gem". The most chill person of the team who doesn't have a word "NO" in her dictionary, you could ask for any kind of work at any time.

The cruncher


Being the panda of the team you will always find her super active in the work and in play too!! Do you know one more quality of panda's? Yes, right, they eat a lot!

Don Draper


He is the Character from Mad Men, the coolest guy in the office. Getting business from the toughest place is his expertise. Ask for any help in sales he is ready to win.

Trend Hoarder


Filled with so much mystery that she became one - The Diva of our team. Don't get surprised seeing her applying lip shade sitting at desk and executing best of deals on social media, she could be killer at both !!


Neha Thakur

The craziest girl in the house. Sweet as sugar and still a crazy bird.Camera is her first love. You will always find her clicking some pouty selfies in the free time.

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