Going viral is not an upshot..it’s a happening. A buzzword with a complete master plan that can rage audience by moulding something fascinating and valuable.

Research & Analysis

A doctor is a fake if it begins the treatment without proper diagnosis. We are well-informed social media doctors who begin their work in the right way following a step-by-step methodology.

Our first move involves carrying out intense research to find out:

  • Your target audience on your various social platforms.
  • Filter out your biggest hits, shares, and views on different social platforms.
  • The major and minor market shifts to understand the changes relevant to your business.
  • Data collection on the current behavior and needs of existing customers for improvements.

Our research will help you make the right marketing decisions based on our extensive research and analysis. By using latest social media tools and industry-leading software, we make efforts to form insight-led campaigns based on data collected, statistics, facts, and real-time trends.

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Strategy & Planning

A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term goal.

Here, we focus on understanding your business and why you need us. The data and information collected in the previous stage help us get a better understanding during this stage. Further, we decide on a short-term goal followed by a long-term, which would finally reap you the benefits of our social media marketing efforts for you.

  • Create a social media content calendar and maintaining it.
  • Start regular social media activity according to the calendar and short-terms goals.
  • Create and work within a time frame
  • Keeping in mind various challenges and combating with the right solutions.
  • Demonstrate the impact and ROI to you.

Our research will help you make the right marketing decisions based on our extensive research and analysis. By using latest social media tools and industry-leading software, we make efforts to form insight-led campaigns based on data collected, statistics, facts, and real-time trends.

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Creativity & Distribution:

The success of any Social media campaign depends on mainly two factors:

  • Creativity
  • Distribution

Creating social media posts that hit the curiosity and excitement of the audience is a part of our social media marketing paradigm. We work on creating images, videos, clips, short animations, texts, etc., as social media posts that speak about your brand and products and services.

Believing that social media makes sense only if exploited to its maximum potential, we practice supercharged distribution in order to grow your social media communities and following.

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Reporting Management:

The success of any Social media campaign depends on mainly two factors:

What we do is just for the satisfaction of our clients. Hence, we put all our clients in front when it comes to evaluating the success of our campaigns. It is important for our clients to know our moves and their respective outcomes. Hence, our reporting management system is purely dedicated to our clients.

Keeping a track record of our day-to-day activities, the profits we earned, the challenges we faced, the users we gathered and the customers we converted - all this information is comprised in our social media reports.

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An inactive facebook page can give you feeds but not leads. Our team of Social Maniacs will work to bring life back to your facebook. We value your work and time. Hence, we will work for your business while you are occupied with dealing your daily business chores.

Our Facebook marketing strategies include:

  • Daily Posts on Business Page
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Facebook Contests
  • Facebook Promoted Posts
  • Sponsored Stories
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Facebook Exchange (FBX)
  • Facebook Groups

A bunch of facebook freaks from our social maniacs squad eat, breathe, and live micro-blogging, memes, videos, mash-ups, etc., to make each facebook marketing project successful. We have immense ideas...and we hit when the iron is rod! That's our secret for each successful project. We love seeing our clients happy and we strive hard to bring it to their faces.

Twitter is simply a tale of a few powerful words and trending hashtags...and Social Maniacs are the artists of both of the arts. While Twitter management is a bit cunning, we love doing it for our customers.

Our Twitter marketing strategies include:

  • Using Promoted tweets or trends
  • Branding with Promoted Accounts
  • Using Relevant Hashtags
  • Counterprograms
  • Twitter Chats
  • Retweets and Replies
  • Using Twitter Tools

Twitter focuses on finding what's going on right now. Our selected fellow mates of Social Cubicles keep their eyes wide open 24/7 to tune-in with the latest happenings in the industry. This helps them filter out the best content to develop relevant tweets for our clients' brand promotion strategies.

Let's head start!

Instagram is about real people engaging with real users. This means Instagram is an opportunity to reach a wider audience base. Instagram is all about hashtags, audio-visuals, and captivation. However, it's not an easy game...but we love playing it!

Our Instagram marketing strategies include:

  • Daily Posts
  • Constant Contact
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Partnering with Target Audience
  • Cross-Promotion on other Channels
  • Create an interactive hashtag

And the list goes on! We firmly believe that nothing entices audience without the creative angle. Hence, we take time to create Instagram content that is not only catchy but thought-provoking, too. We ensure that our Instagram posts stir the minds of your customers in a way that they crave for your posts regularly.

Shall we proceed??

It takes hardwork to build a bridge between you & your customers and the Social Manics are forever ready to take that pain for you! Similarly, it requires dedication and resource to keep your Google Plus page breathing and growing. And what's best than investing our time that would help spruce up your business through this platform!

Our Google+ marketing strategies include:

  • Community Engagement
  • Creating more Circles
  • Leveraging Google+ Collections
  • Commenting
  • Cross-Platform interaction
  • Google+ Advertising

So, shall we meet?

Be professional..share professionally! The best thing about LinkeIn platform is that it liked sharing straight-forward content. And the fact that it is a global networking channel for professionals regardless of their status and industry makes it a great marketing medium.

Our LinkedIn marketing strategies include:

  • Creating a Business Page
  • Creating a Showcase Page
  • Pulse Blog
  • Keyword-based content share

We well understand that LinkedIn is one platform that can be used to connect to the insight, information, and people to be more effective. And we abide by LinkedIn success rule.

Let's discuss?

The lifecycle of Pinterest revolves around 3 aspects: Pins, Feeds, and Boards. And we specialize the art of blending all these aspects to get our beloved clients the results they deserve. We ensure creating the perfect mix of marketing messages and relevant content using the information from your website, industry facts, tips, and trivia.

Our Pinterest marketing strategies include:

  • Creating Pins Consistently
  • Creating and Nurturing Boards
  • Using Rich Pins
  • Instructographics
  • Constant Engagement
  • Regular Audit
  • Pinterest Ads

With our eye-catching pins, we make your customers think and visit you to avail your services. For Social Maniacs, Pinterest is not just about making profits for our clients, its a passion for us, too.

Dancing alphabets and talking characters! The moving visuals have a special impact on the viewers’ minds that lasts longer. Youtube has become an essential app in each one our’s smartphone for the same.

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