Twitter Best Practices for Business in 2021

Twitter Best Practices

Social media has emerged as an important digital marketing channel in 2020 and due to the fact that a business must employ different practices for various social media tools. There are some of the best Twitter practices for business in 2021 that you can follow to grow your business.

Why Twitter is important: 

With over 330 million active users Twitter provides vast opportunities for businesses to grow. And by properly analyzing the Twitter users, corporations can target their customers for relevant consumer products and services. Following are the major benefits of using Twitter as a social media marketing tool.

Demographic features of Twitter.

Best practices to follow in 2021 to get more Twitter engagements and conversions

As we are aware of the significance attached with this unique social media platform, it is also required as to what should be done to get wider reach by following the right practices. Here are the best twitter tactics that you can restore to create a strong brand presence.

keep your content short and brief :

 although twitter provides 280 characters for a tweet, it would be better to keep your tweet-length between 80-110 characters. This will allow your followers some flexibility and freedom to edit the content when they want to re-share it. In case your content is 280 characters, your followers may find it difficult to edit by cutting or changing the information in the content.

Do not tweet multiple times in a day.

it would not result in something beneficial for your brand if you keep tweeting many times. As per a business dictionary, a marketer should expose customers 3 times at most to an advertisement. Otherwise, it may turn irritating. The same can behold true for Twitter as well. Frequent tweeting may vex your target audience.

Share valuable and things, tweets and, posts:

Always consider the needs of your target population. Make efforts to provide valuable, relatable content even though you may have to share tweets from other users. It will help you in two manners. Firstly, by sharing such information building trust with customers becomes easy. On the other hand, you can create strong bonds with industry leaders whose tweets you are sharing.

Providing value:

Providing customers and clients with value is one of the main features of traditional marketing. However, this trend is also making its way in online marketing. So a digital marker and a business house one should not underestimate the relevance of providing worthy content. Always try to deliver valuable, descriptive, and engaging content that can capture the attention of your target.

Images and videos:

Images and videos are becoming part and parcel of every social media tool. It is because of their potential of catching the eyes and attention of your target population.  Videos  are most powerful compared to static graphics and pictures. One must be selective about video content owing to the limitations that one is allowed to put short video only. Being aware of the color combinations and persuading words can come in handy to achieve more engagements.

The right interval among tweet timings: 

It has been already mentioned how re-tweeting can spoil brand promotions. Irritating customers with numerous non-related frequent posts will be futile.  At the same time, it should be kept in mind that all the required effective tweets should be posted at the appropriate time intervals. Tweets should be based on the approach of making aware, recalling, and persuading. 

Identifying the right timing for posting tweets: 

Unlike famous social media platforms where there are definite times as to when most of the users are active, companies can check out the peak hours. Peak hours are defined as that time when most of your followers are active. It will not bring good results if all of the tweets occupied with pictures and videos are not shared on-peak hours. Posting on high traffic durations ensures that content is displayed to more viewers. Which in turn,  increases the odds for conversions. There can be different peak hours depending on your target population’s geographical location.

Language must be simple and meaningful: 

Social media platforms are used by all kinds of people. Hence, selection of right words, phrases, and language. Language must be simple to understand, jargon should be avoided. If there are some technical words, they should be explained. Additionally, it should not be ignored that while re-tweeting vital content should not be left out which can change the objective and meaning of your posts.

Sought feedback from customers and try to solve concerns:

Tweeter helps to provide quick interaction between businesses and their followers. These instant communication features should be leveraged by every business owner. Try to share feedback regarding your product and services. Ask any inconvenience if your customer faces any fault in delivery chains. Strong brands always try to solve the issues and problems of customers. By the valuable feedback provided by customers, many innovative steps are taken to increase functionality and satisfaction attached to a particular category of goods.

For big brands, it is a cumbersome task to manage customer relations on Twitter but if proper efforts are put forward at a small scale it can scale up the confidence in the company.

Using powerful and compelling words: 

Using powerful and persuading words is another strategy that you can follow to get micro and macro conversions. This is particularly true when you are making any offers to your target viewers. There are many words which you should use to get an impulsive conversion.  Following are the example of powerful vocabulary:





Using old content 

It takes time to create content and most of the big companies keep this in mind while publishing posts. It may have happened that you have relevant and attention capturing old content at your disposal. Such old posts or tweets can be better used with some additional creativity. Try to add some detailing to your content. 

Use hashtags:

One of the advantages that Twitter offers is of hashtags. Hashtags can be used to send powerful messages and to get more engagements. While using hashtags there are some points that need attention:

Twitter cards:

Twitter gives the feature of Twitter cards to post customized advertising content. You can include in your card content things like images, videos, site URL, etc. it can help to generate 43% more engagement. Twitter cards provide a range of benefits from getting more traffic and increasing visibility to increase engagement with your prospects.

Twitter polls: 

one of the most valuable benefits of Twitter is providing polling options for your followers. Big brands and companies use it to know the level of difference of opinions in their client base. Using polling options a brand can get. Brands can grow their product and service portfolio by seeking advice from their brand communities. This feature of Twitter is also helpful for customer relationship management.

While designing any advertising campaign for a brand there are some additional things that are not to be ignored. The objective of posting , target demographic, psychographic, and geographical features. It is always recommended to use a blend of different practices for effective and favorable results.

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