Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2021

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you are thinking about fine-tuning your marketing strategy on social media in 2021, then this is the perfect time for making this happen. This will look sometimes daunting as now social media is much more complex and competitive. But the reality is if you have a well-prepared plan for social media then you can achieve your goals easily. Regarding this, you will find below the comprehensive guide for creating the marketing plan for social media from scratch. Whether you are a newbie or want to check again your priorities in 2021 then this guide is for you.

1. Set goals for the business which make sense

Let start this with a quick question, what do you want social media to do for you? The strategy of social media is starting with the planning of goals. You will want to build a dedicated following for the community. Maybe you also want the accounts of social media to drive more revenue for you this year. Either way, the goal which you have set will define the strategy and the energy, and the time which would be required to dedicate to this campaign.

Sample goals of social media in 2021

You need to set realistic goals on social media. It is recommended to tackle the smaller objective which will allow you to scale the social efforts which are both affordable and reasonable. Below you will find some sample goals which are for all the sizes and shapes that need to be pursued.

Increase awareness of the brand

This means that when you are getting your name over there, which would be long-lasting and authentic then you have to avoid the sole promotions. Instead of publishing these messages, you need to focus more on the content which will emphasize the personality of the brand and its values.

Generate sales via leads

Whether in-store or online, followers are not purchasing anything by mistake. They are always alerted about the new promos and the products.

Grow the brand audience

When you are building new followers then you are required to find different ways for introducing the brand to the audience who have not heard this before.

Growing the audience also means discovering the conversations around the industry and business which matter most to them. When you are digging in the social channels then it is not possible to listen and monitor specific phrases, hashtags, or keywords. When you are having a pulse then conversions will happen, and you would be able to reach your audience faster.

Community engagement

Explore how you can grab the attention of the current followers. This also means to experiment with the content and message. For example, if your brand is promoting the content which is generated by the users and the hashtags.

Sometimes asking simple questions will also increase the rate of engagement. The customers are the best cheerleaders but that can happen only when you are giving something to them to do.

2. Research properly the target audience

Assumptions making is very bad for marketers. Thanks to the analytical tools for social media and the huge demographic data present there. There is no need to look anywhere else regarding this. Already so much available on social media to influence your audience. There is a various strategy available on social media for influencing your followers. Don’t forget that different audiences are attracted to different platforms.

You can take the example of today’s demographics of social media. The numbers are speaking about the networks which your brand can approach. Depending on this you will have to publish your content. Below are some of the key takeaways from 2021:

YouTube and Facebook are the prime places for putting the ads as they are having a very high earning user base. The majority of the TikToks and Instagram users are millennials. They are always looking for eye-popping, bold content which can ooze their personality.

On Pinterest, Women are outnumbering men. And they have the highest order value from the social shoppers. 

The user base on LinkedIn is very well educated and it is a hub for industry-specific, in-depth content which might be very complicated when compared with Twitter or Facebook.

Never spread yourself thin. But focus on networking with your core audience.

Do homework on the existing audience on social media

From the demographic data you will get insight into each channel, but what about the customers? You have to do further analysis before determining the social customers in the real world what they are like. Because of this, many brands are making use of the dashboard of social media which will provide the overview of the following and the interaction of the customers on the channels. 

There are analytical dashboards that are putting audience demographics in the center and front. It is also highlighting the activity on social networks and ensuring how they can spend time with the right networks. You can view data of various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest side by side in a customized format. This data can be exported in the range of date and profile.

You can also consider that there are plenty of other sources which are valuable data for the audience for supplementing the insights in their social media. This will also include email and Google analytics.

3. Establishing the important KPIs and metrics

Whatever you want to sell on social media the strategy should be data-driven. This also means that you have to focus on the metrics which are present on social media. Don’t focus on the brands, vanity metrics, and tasks that are digging into the data which are aligning directly to the goals is more important. Here we are talking about the metrics which are given below:

Marketing strategies on effective social media are rooted in the numbers. Those numbers are needed to be put up in the context which is circling back to the original goals.

4. Creation of engaging content on social media 

The marketing strategy on social media is hinging the content. At this point, you would have a very pretty good idea of publishing the brand identity and the goal. You will also be confident enough now of which networks need to be covered. What about the content strategy? Below you will find the inspiration and the ideas which can help you out.

Importance of content themes

There are chances where you have seen a post from the particular brands. The grandiose and bold images are giving the passionate grid to the cohesive and recognizable feel to the post. From captions to filters, brands are relying on the same formats of content and creative touches from time to time. These themes will bring more consistency to the strategy of the content which is making sense. 

Sometimes you are also cycling between the product photos, memes, and the user-generated content which are sticking to the rotating color scheme. If you are struggling to keep up the sources of social content, then consider the management tools for social media which will help in organizing the advance scheduling of the posts and organizing the media library.

What type of content would be the part of the 2021 marketing strategy on social media?

For narrowing down the specifics which can be published for developing the innovative content below are some trends which need to be considered in social media.

Time-sensitive posts and stories

Stories are not going away soon. When you are tapping your followers the content which is story style is considered to be very interactive. Popping in the feeds of the followers, such content will help the brand account to skip the line and you will stay fresh in the minds of the audience.

Stories are considered very valuable and considered as a behind-the-scenes activity for making the feed on social media more personal. You can consider how in the best way you can make use of the stories for covering up the event. You can also take your followers on a journey without leaving them from their comfort.

Short video

Due to the rise of TikTok, social media are booming with short videos. The rent roll-out of reels on Instagram, both short-form and long-form productions are continuously dominating the social media space across all the platforms. The engagement rate is very high on this platform.

5. Making a timely social presence

Timeliness is very important for marketers. The audience will always expect fresh content from you regularly. But customers are not expected to operate as per your times. Below are some ideas by which you can maximize the schedule and the time spent on social media.

Posting at the best time

Quick question: when is your brand available to engage and interact with customers?

There are some recommendations about the times like late in the evening. The brand needs to communicate with the users then. This is also known as the preferred time. Ensure that the community or social media managers of your brand are available at that time for answering the concerns from the community. It is always a smart idea to learn about the best times for posting on social media. It is always very critical to engage with the audience after your post.

6. Keep on improving which is not working

Till now you have got the big picture about how marketing strategies are working on social media. You have to continuously analyze your effort on social media. The bird’s eye on your social media will help you in analyzing your activity. You need to look at your top-performing content and then have to adjust the campaigns which are not working out.

Social media is always a trial and error. You have to keep on monitoring the campaigns in real-time which will allow you to tweak the marketing strategy. You also have to be very diligent about the data. You have to be very reactive in the short term for getting out most from your campaigns. Use your learning proactively in making the next marketing strategy. Valuable insights from social media will be available from the data. Audience expectations will always be high from the content which you share. Finally, these things will hit your ROI in a very good way and all of your efforts will be paid off. 

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